Gossip and Dirty Laundry

Posted on October 03, 2005

You know, I never thought about it this way before, but civilian gossip is the same as celebrity gossip.

I mean, we always hear tons of gossip (untrue or not) from Hollywood, and the only reason why that gossip is out there for all of us to hear is because the people the gossip is about are famous!

How is that gossip really any different than the gossip we hear about our friends?

I’m not sure how to explain this really, but it pertains to my situation.

After being accused of having Alzheimer’s, Elizabeth Taylor denied it and said, “Tabloids report such things because they have nothing else dirty to write about anybody else.”

Does that not pertain to our life as well? If someone is talking about you behind your back or gossiping about you, isn’t it just because they are thinking about you? If they were thinking about somebody else, they would be talking about somebody else.

So really, if you think about it in a weird way, if someone is gossiping about you, you could actually be flattered by that.

In a weird, twisted way, it means they care about you enough to be thinking about you all the time. Regardless of whether that’s in a negative way or not, is not the point. Yes gossip is usually harmful and mean and nobody likes to be talked about behind their back! But what I am trying to express is that if someone is gossiping about you, even if they say they don’t care about you, they really DO. Otherwise, they’d be talking about somebody else…

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