It’s not rainbows and butterflies…

…it’s compromise that moves us along.

Compromise. The world should definitely have more of it. If we all learned to compromise more for others, imagine how much happier we would be knowing that we made someone else happy? Imagine how much happier they would be and how much more willing they would be to compromise for us?

By compromise, I mean not being stubborn and demanding that we have our own way, even if it makes someone else unhappy. By compromise, I mean letting something go for the benefit of someone else. It’s about being less selfish and self centered. Are we ever willing to sacrifice for the good of another human being? Rarely. In our culture we are too wrapped up in ourselves and our dreams and our desires to stop and thinking about giving.

Sometimes you just need to let go of our own ideas about what is right for others. It may be we want to share our opinions on cars to someone who is going to buy a new vehicle. Now they might be interested in a Ford, but you hates Fords. So you share that opinion with them. What if they still want to get a Ford? Well usually, we assume, well maybe they didn’t really understand our reasoning for not liking Fords, so we tell them again, in a different way. You rant and rant for a while longer, getting stronger in your opinion and stronger in your decision against Fords, but alas, they still want to purchase a Ford. Instead of accepting that they have different likes and dislikes for styles and engines and horsepower than you do, we usually get angry and frustrated and can’t imagine why they aren’t agreeing with us!! So we go at it again….in our brains we are now positive that Fords suck and we are sticking to our guns on it!! God forbid if we back down!!

Why are we like that? Is it our culture? Is it the way we were brought up? Or is it human nature and us striving for individuality?

We need to learn to compromise for others. You don’t have to change your mind and love Ford trucks, but you don’t have to ruin someone else’s day stating your opinion. And I’m just talking about trucks here!! What about when we do that to our kids about the man or woman they are about to marry? How much more ugly do we get about our opinion when we know it’s going to effect and change that person’s life forever? We need to learn how to compromise.

I think as humans, sometimes we take our feelings and opinions and push them too far until and we are playing God in someone else’s life. Whatever happened to peacefully disagreeing? Whatever happened to just dropping the subject altogether when you know you can’t meet in the middle? Just think about how much more amazing and happy our lives would be if we just learned to compromise?