Image. People today are so worried about their image. Worried about what other people will think about them. Whether it’s the way you dress, the way you fix your hair, or the way you smile and shake someone’s hand, we’re all concerned about our image and the way other people perceive us to be.

We all know people judge. Even we who are being judged are doing the judging. When you meet someone for the first time, you can’t help but scan them up and down and come to a quick conclusion on who you perceive them to be. Sometimes our first conclusions are correct. Most times, they are wrong. So how many people out there are perceiving you to be someone you’re not?

Could it be that no one really sees us as the person we’d like them to see? Could it be that we’re all wasting our time trying to be a certain person, or look a certain way so that people will accept us? And is this something we all learn over time and at one point just stop trying? I had to wonder…

Our culture and society today is all about image. Whether it’s makeup commercials, the airbrushed models on the magazines, or the expensive clothing in the stores, image is constantly shoved in all of our faces. And it’s not just us ‘normal’ people that have to worry about our image. Even the models and actresses worry about the way they look. It’s not necessarily that they are genetically gifted, they just spend more time on their image. Why is it so important how we look? Why is the decay of our self images an epidemic in our society? Why can’t we all just be ourselves and not worry about what other people think?