Play-Doh In My Tummy

Week 12

Baby’s Length: 2.5 inches

Baby’s Weight: 0.5 ounces

Baby’s Size: Container of Play-Doh

Lunar Month 4, 12 wks LMP (10 wks gestation)

No wonders why I feet fat and bloated. It’s that little bucket of Play-Doh in my tummy! Now if that doesn’t give someone morning sickness, I don’t know what would…

My biggest complaint however, is not morning sickness. I’ve learned how to avoid inevitable barfing. I’ve learned what things feel good in my stomach and which ones definitely, do not. I’m still getting used to the cravings, but those are pretty tolerable right now. The one thing I can’t stand is the nasal congestion. says: “Feeling congested? Nasal congestion is common during pregnancy from swelling in the mucous membranes.”

I have had a continuous sinus headache since week 4 or 5. It feels like I have a sinus infection all the time. Some days are worse than others, and so far I haven’t found anything that helps. I keep a box of tissues with me at all times and everyone around me has gotten pretty used to me blaring my fog horn at all hours of the day. I swear, I should invest in stocks in the tissue company. I would get rich.

I didn’t realize that there were this many changes so early in pregnancy. For the first few weeks I was pregnant, I didn’t dare vocalize all the things that were going on and changing in my body because I was afraid that people wouldn’t believe me and think I was being over dramatic. (I can be pretty dramatic sometimes.)

Previously, before getting pregnant, I didn’t think that early pregnancy was that hard to deal with except for the morning sickness. I didn’t think my boobs suddenly going up a cup size was going to be that big of a deal. Sounded kinda cool, but I didn’t think it would hurt so damn bad! I didn’t think that I would get back aches and headaches. Isn’t that for after the baby is born and you have to listen to it scream and carry it around all the time? I didn’t think I would have to get up and pee 4-8 times in the middle of the night. I thought that was only for late pregnancy! Boy was I wrong.

I now realize that those “early pregnancy symptoms” are for real early and it just gets worse from there!

Now, there are so many different things going on, I can barely remember what’s happening this week, what’s supposed to happen next week, and what stopped happening last week!

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  1. Hehe. Yeah..welcome to motherhood! You’ll probably start feeling better farther into your second trimester, but before you know it your in your third trimester and huge and ready to get the baby out!! It truly is a journey with definite downfalls, but as you know, the rewards always beat out the potential pitfalls when it comes to having children.

    Anyway, your tummy is precious! Hang in there little momma! 😉

  2. what Glenda said :kissing:

    Do you have a humidifier? It helped me a lot when I was preggers.

    You’ll feel much better by weeks 20-24. Plus, you get to see if your little peanut is a boy or a girl!

  3. hmmm…. the humidafier the vics one helped me and some vics chest rub stuff. Helps keep the sinuses clear. Also I can’t remember if it is not until the second trimester but i took benadryle… that was a huge help for me;)… the others are right the second trimester by far is the best one!!! take care!!

  4. Tiger,
    I had forgotten all about the nasal congestion, until now…and I had three kids! Hang in there. i agree with the other ladies. A humidifier does help, as well as a saline nasal spray. Being pregnant will illicit all sorts of strange things within you. BUT, take my word for it, you’ll forget all about the misery when you have that baby in your aems! 🙂

  5. I didn’t have the sinus congestion, but I had the nausea for 9 1/2 montsh with my first chile.

    I figured out by the second that my nausea was due to me needing more B vitamins.

    Don’t forget to stay active.

    You’ll do great.

    And you will love your baby more than anything and anyone else in the world.


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