Shuffle And Kick

Week 13

Baby’s Length: 3 inches

Baby’s Weight: 0.75 ounces

Baby’s Size: iPod Shuffle

Last week, I felt strange little feelings in my abdomen. It happened only a few times, and I couldn’t tell what it was. I questioned whether it was the baby or not, but passed it off as my stomach gurgling.

On Wednesday (1/10) I was laying on my back next to Dan on my mother-in-law’s water bed when I felt it again. It made me remember that she had told me only a few weeks earlier that I should be able to touch my abdomen and feel my uterus growing in size. I wasn’t able to find it the first time I looked for it, so I asked for further instruction. This time I was able to find it with ease and was quite surprised at how large it felt!!

I gently prodded at it and moved it back and forth from side to side in amazement at it’s mass and the odd sensation I felt inside. Seconds later, I felt what seemed like a very pronounced thud in the middle of my uterus. “I think I just felt the baby!” I exclaimed and gently pressed my hand against my stomach. I waited another few seconds and felt it again! It was such a wonderfully odd feeling, but I knew right away that what I was feeling was my baby.

It happened several more times within a 5 minute span and I was absolutely delighted. I think moving my uterus around pissed off the baby! “Hey, who’s rocking the damn boat up there!!” I imagined it was thinking… (Yes, my baby swears already…)

Over the next few days, I felt it at least once a day at one point or another. It is easy to identify now and it makes me smile every time I feel it. My little baby is moving!

Growing a baby inside of you is such an amazing thing. It started off to be very taxing, but for the first time so far, I am actually enjoying this. Maybe being pregnant isn’t so miserable afterall.

According to what I read online, the baby is actually starting to look like a baby now. It has tiny fingers and toes!

Swellings on the side of the neck show where the baby’s ears will be, and the insides of the ears are forming. On the head are the start of lips on a mouth that can already open and close, and a bit of a nose. Eyelids, which will fuse together and stay closed for a few months, are growing over developing eyes.

The reproductive organs are among the last to form. In the middle of the month, testes have formed in boys and ovaries in girls, but the external sex organs still look similar in both sexes. Hopefully by the first week of February though, I will be able to have an ultrasound that will determine whether we are having a girl or a boy.

I’m totally routing for a girl, but I have the distinct feeling that it’s a boy. Call it mother’s intuition.

2 Replies to “Shuffle And Kick”

  1. Isn’t that the BEST feeling ever? :wub: I find it utterly amazing that at just 3 months, a baby is so developed already. In my opinion, something so miraculous can only come from the hands of God.

    Enjoy the kicks, flips and hiccups from your little one!

  2. I am laughing at Cindi’s comment, because i totally forgot about the hiccups! When your baby gets the hiccups (he or she surely will) it is the funniest feeling.
    Isn’t it just a miracle? That first kick….it’s amazing. So happy you are feeling good about this!

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