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Tell me… why is there anyone left on this planet who uses Internet Explorer???

Is it because they are lazy and don’t feel like getting something better? Is it because they are afraid of having to learn how to use a new browser? Or is it simple because they just don’t know any better?

If you spend more than 1 hour a day on the internet, you will find huge benefits to downloading a better browser.

Let me introduce you to a little miracle called Firefox. If you already use it, congrats to you!! If you don’t, and you’ve heard of it before, how come you haven’t downloaded it yet?!?!?!?!

Benefits to using Firefox:

    1.) A huge decrease in the number of deadly computer Viruses entering your computer.

    2.) Websites display properly as the programing for Firefox is done correctly. If you enjoy HTML or building websites, you will notice this immediately.

    3.) Faster page loads. Firefox works faster and more streamline on your computer and doesn’t freeze up constantly like Internet Explorer does.

    4.) More options. Firefox keeps your browsing sessions a lot more secure and spyware-free. And to top it all off, it also supports the standards religiously and has a wide range of powerful features.

    5.) Tabbed browsing. Instead of having many windows open, you only have one window open with many tabs. This keeps your computer running faster and your taskbar a lot less cluttered.

    6.) Built in spell checker. Never make spelling mistakes again!

    7.) Firefox offers a wide variety of Themes to give your browser the look you want. I use Noia 2.0 Extreme. You can download as many different themes as you want and change them to suit your mood.

    8.) You can also download many different of Extensions and Plugins. Below is a list of all the Extensions I have and use daily.

Extensions I Use

* Clippings 2.5 (awesome for bloggers)
* AdBlock Plus (blocks ads and popups)
* Colorful Tabs (fun extension)
* CoLT (my fav extension)
* ConQuery (looks things up quicker)
* FireFoxMenuButtons (very handy)
* Forecastfox (local weather on your browser)
* FoxyTunes (controls any media player)
* ShortShip Pro (Sort eBay listings by total cost)
* Tab Mix Plus (best extension ever)
* Download Statusbar (view and manage downloads)

Are you convinced yet? Take the Firefox Challenge. Download Firefox and use it for one week or at least 10 hours. Take a look at all the cool extensions, the colorful themes, and experience how much faster and easier Firefox is to use. I guarantee that you will be addicted!

If you already use Firefox, leave a comment and share with us all the reasons why you love Firefox.

4 Replies to “Get A Better Browser”

  1. Add two lazies and a glass of wine;) LOL i actually have firfox on my puter but never use it cause well it dosn’t like me… there ya go.. programs just don’t like me :whistle:

  2. AAAGGHHH! No, not you, hon; but Firefox (sorry) is giving me fits with scrolling on your site!
    I do use Firefox, and most of the time I love it, however, I must add a few caveats to what you have posted for advantages up there.
    For years, most coders bent to IE, as it was the most used browser. So you will still find pages that won’t display properly in Firefox, especially large corporate sites that insist you use IE. (think DeVry Online). The Flash and Java plugins are sometimes a pain in the neck to get to work properly, especially if you’re running Linux (which is what Firefox was originally designed to run on, anyway). I do love the themes, and I love the built-in popup blocker and password keeper, (which works a heck of a lot better than the one in IE).
    However, IE 7 now has the tabbed browsing feature, and correctly displays transparency. I think MS finally figured out they had competition, and now the Firefox developers are going to have to stay on their toes to keep their fans.

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