Ironing Out The Bumps

Week 29

Baby’s Length: 10.5 to 16.75 in.

Baby’s Weight: 2.75 lbs.

Baby’s Size: Iron

I think an iron is a bad analogy for the current size of the baby. I would personally compare her to a honeydew melon; especially after looking at my stomach.

Sometimes she feels like a big bowling ball just flopping back and forth in my gut. I think I can safely say that I have definitely left the comfortable and fun part of pregnancy at this point. It’s all downhill from here!

For those of you that aren’t very far along yet, like Kelly and Parker, let me share with you a few things I have learned:

1.) I know it’s really exciting when you finally start showing. You suddenly go from looking fat to actually looking pregnant and it’s quite a milestone. However, just keep in mind that your belly is going to just keep getting bigger with each passing day. Enjoy it while it’s small. Enjoy being able to suck your stomach in and have the bump actually disappear. A few months from now, you won’t be able to do that anymore! I was so anxious to start showing, I think I actually pushed my stomach out a bit. You don’t want to do that… It doesn’t go back. The baby just takes advantage of the space and moves right in.

2.) It’s nice to have an excuse to eat. “I can eat 2 pieces of cake because I’m pregnant and the baby needs it,” you convince yourself. Yeah… well… just keep in mind that every pound that isn’t baby or placenta or amniotic fluid is going to be there once the baby pops out! It would be nice to gain 30 pounds during pregnancy and just suddenly lose it all on the delivery table, but I’m afraid that doesn’t happen. I have 2 months left to go and I have already gained 25 pounds. I went from a slim 115 lb chic to a plump little 140 lb Goodyear blimp. And supposedly, you gain another 10 pounds in your last 8 weeks of pregnancy. I can’t exactly diet at this point!!! So just keep your weight and food intake in check, especially during the second trimester when you feel so great and just want to eat all the time.

3.) Exercise and walk a lot!! Once you get to the third trimester, you won’t want to anymore. You are going to feel fat, tired, and sitting and watching TV with a bowl of ice cream is going to be more appealing than ever before. Don’t make excuses either. I’m regretting not exercising more while I was still small enough to do so. Now, I have no energy left.

4.) Don’t let people impose their opinions and ideas on you if you don’t want them to. It will just make your head spin. I think a key thing during pregnancy is to stay peaceful and calm at all times. If someone in your life is making you crazy or stressing you out, try to take a break from them or put distance there. You and your baby will be better for it.