Cloth Diapering

Cloth diapering – beautiful concept, confusing territory.

There are so many different options, styles, and brands. Fleece, wool, PUL, and cloth… Prefolds, flats, contours, and fitted cloth diapers… Then you have all the fancy abbreviations like “DSQ” and “AIO”… It can get pretty confusing!

Does anyone have any ideas, opinions, or thoughts on this subject?

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  1. I used cloth diapers for a while, way back when my daughter was little. She is 17 now! I did so, because I hated the idea of all those diapers in the land fill and I also thought that cloth would be more natural and better for my baby’s bottom. Cloth diapers ended up giving her diaper rash no matter how quickly I changed her because even with the hottest water, double washing and bleach, the acid from the urine eventually builds up in the fibers of the diaper. I was wasting a lot of water (not the best for the environment) and my daughter’s butt suffered. Today’s diapers are much better on the environment. So, if I was a young mother of the 21 century, you better believe I would choose disposable!!!!

  2. I tried the cloth thing for a few weeks after it was given to me as a shower gift. What a mess! Cloth doesn’t keep the wetness away from the baby’s bottom, so diaper rash was a huge issue. Also, cloth can only hold so much liquid before it gets soggy and they don’t have the leg gathers that hold the stinky stuff (#2…hehe) in. It was so much more work and not pleasant at all. I was a Pampers mom 100% after that 🙂

    If environmental impact is your concern, disposables have come a long way in terms of that. Companies like Seventh Generation make eco-friendly disposables and baby detergent. I haven’t tried the baby products, but I have tried the household stuff and it seemed to work pretty well.

    Hope that helps!

  3. This is horrible, but cloth diapers remind me of my crazy-ass sex ed teacher in junior high. She told all of us that she uses cloth diapers for her period, rings them out in a bowl of water and uses it to feed her plants. Seriously.

    Sadly, that’s all I can think to share on the topic.

    Well, that and I think it’s a noble goal.

  4. Well, Tiger, I used disposable on all my kids. The idea of cloth diapers is very noble, but I lacked the stomach for it I wish I could offer some help. :sick:

    Heheh…I did have a friend who used them for a while, but I think she used a diaper service. To be honest, I had no idea there were so many options out there.

  5. living in the midwest like i do it was more economical and actually environment friendly to use disposible.. weird.. but thats what iw as told when asking about it…

    best of luck!!

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