So Uncomfortable…

Oh to just be comfortable.

The days just drag by.

I just want this baby out of me!

I know why God makes the last few weeks of pregnancy so unbearable. It’s so labor doesn’t seem so bad afterall. I have a better idea though… Make the last few weeks of pregnancy be fantastic and have labor not hurt. Why didn’t God think of that scenario?

That proves that God is not female.

Between the pre-labor and all the aches and pains, I want to curl up and sleep for the next few weeks. I am so sick of being aware of “down there” like it’s a ticking time bomb, waiting to blow. Every little twinge of pain, every muscle cramp, and every sharp shooting pain sends me into the “Is it time yet?” thought process. This is agonizing.

Swimming brings temporary relief, but the trade off is a sunburn… That feels lovely on my shoulders now. Yes, I am aware there is such a thing as sunblock. No, I didn’t use any. Yes, I forgot…

It’s called “Pre-labor Brain Loss”. You tend to forget very important, common sense type things when all you can think about is going into labor.

Going into labor…

It can’t happen soon enough.

2 Replies to “So Uncomfortable…”

  1. yeah. pregs in july sux. i had my daughter july 7. in mississippi.

    that should just be outlawed. i’m still waiting for my medal 🙂

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