She Has Arrived

Posted on July 27, 2007

She was born at 7:09 AM this morning after 5 hours of labor and 5 minutes of pushing… (Only 4 pushes!)

She weighs 8 Lbs and is 19 Inches long. And she has brown hair and brownish-blue eyes. She’s so CUTE!!

We are home now and resting. I need to go take a nap, but I will try to post my “birth story” again later on tonight or tomorrow…

Thanks for all your support! 🙂

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  1. Momo says...

    :w00t: Oh YAYYYYYYYYYYY!

    I’m so excited for you!

    I had tears in my eyes looking at your little girl – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. Amity says...

    Woooohooooo…I am so happy for you :tongue:

    Your baby girl looks so sweet. How wonderful that your labor was short….Mine was not too bad but I had a 10 lbs 4 oz baby (and that was after he passed a huge amount of meconium!!!) He also had a 14 1/2 inch head!!! I will be trying to post my birth story later.

  3. Kari says...

    Congrats! She’s beautiful!

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