What the heck?

Has anyone ever wondered why Caillou is bald?

I bothers me…

It bothered me so much that I googled it. And for some stupid reason, no one seems to know! The best answer I could find was, so that he could be universal and so that all children could identify with him.

What hog wash. I don’t want my kid to identify with that whiny, spoiled brat! I don’t know what the heck is wrong with that kid. He’s such a moron! He’s got the most annoying voice of any tv character and he’s always throwing temper tantrums or crying like a baby. I’m pretty sure he cries more often than Rosie.

I really wish there were more non-annoying kids shows on Sprout like The Backyardigans and Word World.

We have Sprout on probably 10-12 hours a day. I know, sick right? I’ve pretty much gotten used to it as just background noise and most shows don’t bother me, but when a show goes up my back like Caillou, it’s hard not to get pissed off!

I have to remind myself that it would be worse… My husband could be watching Future Weapons… OMG the host of that show has to be THE most annoying piece of crap ever. He’s right up there with Max.

Do your kids watch shows that you can’t stand to even be on in your house?

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