The Silver Lining…

Last night was a sad disgrace. I am still sick over the epic amount of stupid people in this nation…

However, we need to keep heart. There is some good news for those who support traditional marriage. In the states of Arizona, Florida and California voters said no to homosexual “marriage.” In fact, in the Sunshine State, 60% of the vote was needed to keep marriage only between a man and a woman, and our side was able to garner 62% of the vote.

We won in Arizona, too! This is significant because a couple of years ago the marriage amendment was defeated when the pro-homosexual marriage advocates played the fear card with senior citizens.

Finally, in California, our country’s largest and most liberal state, the citizens voted 52% to 48% to overturn the state Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriage. This is BIG news! Radical homosexual groups, Hollywood celebrities and the liberal media came together to try and defeat Proposition 8, yet the pro-family and pro-marriage citizens of California won a huge victory and, if I might add, put the arrogant California Supreme Court in its place.

American Family Association was deeply involved in all three challenges. They kept the people of those states informed and encouraged. In fact, AFA contributed $500,000 to help achieve the victory in California. They had been saving the money over a period of years because they knew that one day it would be needed for a fight like the one they had in California. Of course, these funds came from people like me who donate to AFA!!!

So despite some discouraging news on the national front, 30 states have adopted a state constitutional amendment preserving traditional marriage since the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Massachusetts. That is due to the hard work of people like you and me.

And that’s something that’s actually important. Preserving traditional marriage. YES WE CAN!!! haha!

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  1. I live in MA and support traditional marriage.

    I have been married almost 20 years.

    I think families with both a father and a mother are better off.

    Do I think divorce should be outlawed? No, of course not. Do I think all unmarried women who get pregnant should get married or abort? No of course not. Do I think people who love each other and want to make a life-long financial commitment to each other, and a moral commitment should be allowed to get married. yes, of course I do.

    My two nieces are running around downstairs right now, happily playing with my three kids. Their two mothers are married and have been together for 18 years. They ate financially sound. they share house, work and family duties. They have fun and love their kids. They are recognized by the State as being permitted to endure and enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of being legally married.

    So I support traditional marriage. YES!

  2. Hi! I was really enjoying your blog and reading your insights about Asperger syndrome and also pregnancy etc. BUT then I came upon this post and I was so disappointed. I know that you say explicitly that if we don’t like the opinions on the site we should stop reading (and I will) but I couldn’t let it go without saying that I wish you’d reconsider your opinion.
    I, myself, am in a same-sex marriage. I love my wife and I love our baby-to-be (very soon!) and our family deserves just as much respect and our daughter deserves a family that is recognized and that has rights. Thank God we live in MA so we’ve got more rights than some.
    As someone who loves someone who is “different” I would have expected that you would be more respectful of “difference” and the beauty in the variation of human experiences.
    I wish you the best of luck in your life and to your family.

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