Flu Vaccines Are Unsafe and Ineffective

Well my last post might explain why I haven’t taken the time to post on here! lol

Everyone has been talking about getting their flu shot lately. I wish more people knew that studies show that flu vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. Check out this article on Mercola.com

I’ve only gotten the flu 2x in the last 10 or 15 years and I have never had a flu shot. I know lots of people who get their flu shot every year and then end up with the flu within 3 months of getting it. That doesn’t sit well with me.

With the flu shot, especially when getting it early, is a gamble because they have to guess as what type of flu they *think* might be going around that winter. Just seems like too big of a gamble to me.

Personally, I pump myself up on Emergen-C vitamin drink mix that gives you 1000 mg of C plus B vitamins and more. Plus I take Airborne Effervescent Health Formula (which I love) and comes in some pretty nifty flavors this year. In addition to that, I make sure I eat a healthy diet so that my body is strong and can fight anything that I might catch.

I’m pretty neurotic when it comes to germs so I really try hard to stay away from sick people, wash my hands while I’m out and when I come home, and make sure I always have a bottle of Source Naturals Wellness Formula. That stuff is great!

What are you going to do about flu season?

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