Logical Answers to Illogical Reasons For Circumcision

Logical answers to illogical reasons people circumcise:

1. It’s cleaner: No, it’s not. At birth the foreskin is fused to the glands on the head of the penis (exactly the same way your finger nails are fused with your nail beds) this ensures no harmful bacteria can get in. When you rip the foreskin from the head and cut it off, the glands and a pretty impressively large open wound are being exposed to feces and urine. Which is HIGHLY unsanitary, harder to clean, and painful! It’s exactly the same thing as if you got a third degree tear then were forced to urinate and poop in a diaper. It hurts and it’s nasty.

2: it prevents HIV: No, it does not. A single study showed that it MIGHT slightly reduce the risk of transmission for males. However, condoms are 99.8% effective in reducing the risk for intact and circumcised males and females. So circumcision actually does NOTHING to further prevent HIV than condoms already do.

3: it prevents cancer: So would removing my daughters breast buds at birth. Breast cancer is a thousand times more common than penile cancer, and a whole lot less treatable. Yet we don’t perform that operation because it’s silly to deprive ALL people of a fully functioning body part, a finger, a breast, an eye, OR a prepuce, simply because a small piece of the population could POSSIBLY have issues with it at some point, maybe.

4: it prevents infections: **see number 3** also, female occurrence of infections is MUCH higher. Never once have I went to the doctor with an infection and had him say: well, if we chop off your prepuce you’ll be all better! No, they gave me antibiotics. When my ear gets infected they don’t pressure me to have it removed, they give me antibiotics.

5: he needs to look like daddy: I have never sat around naked comparing my breasts to my mothers and wishing she would have gotten me a breast reduction so I could look like her (and circumcision IS a reduction of more than 1/3 the skin on your penis). If your husband is so worried about talking to his son about his body, that he’s willing to hack off an erogenous organ to avoid a single, easily answered question (“daddy lost his foreskin, but we kept a close eye on yours so you didn’t have to), there is a much bigger issue going on. How is he going to talk about sex, or erections, or masturbation? You can’t get rid of the duty you have to explain your child’s body to them just by cutting part of it off.

6: I don’t like circumcised penises: luckily for your son, you won’t be engaging in sexual intercourse with him so your sexual preference should not come into play.

7: he’ll be teased: 80% of the worlds population is intact, and over 60% of America’s newborns are being left intact, and around 90% of boys on the west coast are being left intact, which means YOUR son will be the odd man out if he is circumcised. This is true about your sexual preferences. Your sexual preferences are based on a time when most men in the US were circumcised, which attached a stigma to the intact penis, with less and less boys being cut, that stigma is also going in a downward spiral, making intact penises the sexual norm and preference.

8: it will hurt more if he gets it done when he’s older: WRONG WRONG WRONG. This is the biggest lie people tell themselves. Babies bodies are flooded with brand new nerve endings that feel more acutely than adult nerve endings as they haven’t been exposed and desensitized. Most babies are given nothing to help with pain but sugar water. The few who do get pain relief, it’s a topical cream or at the most a penile block that only effects the underside of the penis. They get no post op pain meds as adults do. They can’t tell you when they’re in pain, they have no way to manage it. Just because they can’t tell you it hurts, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. You’ll come across the “my son slept through it,” in response to pain. This is not sleep. This is a pain induced state of shock. This KILLS babies. Which brings me too:

9: it’s not like any babies have died from it: they do, and they have. More neonates die from circumcision than car accidents, suffocation, and SIDS every year. Less than twenty babies were killed by drop side cribs in the last decade, yet you would NEVER take the risk of putting your baby in one, yet your willing to brave the odds that YOUR son won’t be one of the hundred completely preventable deaths that occur each year?
10: the bible tells me too: unless you are an orthodox Jew (and their circumcision is NOT a complete amputation of the foreskin, but a small slice in the foreskin) then no, the bible does not command it of you. In fact, if you’re a Christian, it demands you DON’T circumcise. I hope you read the bible before saying it says stuff it doesn’t. Start with :

1 Corinthians 7:18-19 New International Version (NIV)

18 Was a man already circumcised when he was called? He should not become uncircumcised. Was a man uncircumcised when he was called? He should not be circumcised. 19 Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing. Keeping God’s commands is what counts.

–Candice (http://www.facebook.com/YoungMumsAndMamas/posts/429217023828695)

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