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First off, let me point out that comments are a privilege and not a right. They are words that I allow YOU to publish on MY personal website. I expect a bit of responsibility on your part to be sure that what you’re saying is appropriate for the world to see.

I love my readers, and love (most) of my readers’ comments. However, this is a private blog and I reserve the right to delete any comments that I find offensive, insulting, rude, or just plain mean. I try to maintain an atmosphere of free and open conversation, but inevitably, some of my posts as well as some of the comments spiral out of control. If a commenter repeatedly abuses my comment policy, I ban their IP address, and sometimes will also delete all of their comments on my site.

The comments posted by readers do not necessarily reflect my personal views! Yes, I allow comments on my site so the topics I post about can garner discussion. And yes, you are free to agree or disagree with the content in the post or with other commenter’s. However, never insult the commenter. I do not allow comments that contain excessive profanity, racial/gender/sexual orientation slurs, threats, or invective content. If your comment has any of the previously mentioned attributes, it will be deleted, and if your comments are deemed extremely offensive, you may be banned from future commenting.

Also, if you leave a comment containing a link to your website and I do not approve of the content, I reserve the right to remove the links to your site from your comments, without warning!

Keep in mind that this is my personal blog. When you come to my blog, it is like coming to my home. You are welcome here as long as you are nice, respectful, and considerate of others. When you are here, treat me and the other guests as if you were sitting in my living room. If you are my friend, or I know you and have emailed you before, relax and enjoy yourself! If you are a stranger, don’t get cocky with me or you’re outta here!!!

Lastly, if you have an issue with the me or with a commenter, please email me. Do not leave this type of commentary as a comment on any posts.

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