Belly – Week 35

Posted on June 20, 2007

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I Don’t Like Baseball

Posted on June 18, 2007

Week 35

Baby’s Length: 13.25 to 20.25 in.

Baby’s Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Baby’s Size: Baseball Cap

…although it is better than football.

Each passing day, my body tells me that my pregnancy is coming to it’s end. I really don’t think I’m going to make it another 3 weeks, never mind 5 weeks to my due date. I just feel it in my bones. It’s really hard to explain gut instincts. Sometimes, you just… know.

Just like every other pregnancy symptom, I am once again 4 weeks ahead of where I should technically be. I still swear I am 4 weeks further along then the ultrasound or my calculations seem to indicate.

Caution: too much information and details below…

Two weeks ago at 33 weeks pregnant, I lost my mucous plug. From what I’ve read, this generally this happens around week 37 for most women.

I hadn’t read much about the mucous plug, so I did some research on it the next day. I found out that losing the mucous plug generally signals that the cervix is effacing and dilating. Upon inspection, it was established the my cervix was quite effaced and dilated about thumb width.

Then a few days later, the baby dropped. The baby feels so much heavier now and it’s uncomfortable to walk around. It feels like something is in the way when I’m walking. Ever since she dropped, she has been resting on the left side of my belly. She doesn’t move quite as much anymore, mostly because she has a lot less room. She’s getting so big!

A few days after that, at around 34 weeks and 2 days, I noticed a big increase in Braxton Hicks contractions. Before, I felt them once in while… maybe 3-5 times a week. They weren’t that noticeable. But now, I have them about once every hour or two during the day and they are actually painful now. I have to stop and sit down and wait for about 30-60 seconds before I can get up and move again. If I am out shopping, energetic, or moving around a lot, I get them even closer together. I had 4 contractions in one hour yesterday…

In short, the only thing left to happen is for my water to break. I’m in the 35th week of my pregnancy and wondering how much longer this baby is going to stay inside of me. I’ve become increasingly aware of the lack of time I have left and have been anxiously trying to do last minute things. Cleaning the house, washing the rest of the baby clothes, collecting diapers, diaper covers, cloth wipes, etc and more. My labor bag is all packed and at the door.

I think I’ll make it to the first week of July. I highly doubt at this point, I will make it much further than that though… I rest easy knowing that the baby is considered full term at week 35.

I don’t know if I’m ready emotionally, but I know everything else in life is ready to go.

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Belly – Week 34

Posted on June 16, 2007

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I Don’t Like Football

Posted on June 11, 2007

Week 34

Baby’s Length: 12.75 to 20 in.

Baby’s Weight: 5 lbs.

Baby’s Size: Football

So the baby is the size of a football. I don’t know about that… These size comparisons are really getting on my nerves lately! I’ve just been posting my weekly update like that for so long that I can’t stop now.

As the days go by, I feel more and more like birth is imminent. The baby’s head has dropped and she resides on the left side of my stomach now. She still runs like she’s on a gerbil wheel, but now her feet only kick my right side, as she doesn’t have much room to move around.

It happened quite suddenly. Seems like for a long time she had a lot of room, and then within like a couple days I felt her get a lot bigger. She’s settled comfortably, but I’m not so comfortable anymore. I feel like I am walking around with a grapefruit between my legs. And not in a good way!

I’m only comfortable sleeping on my left side now. I wake up 6-8 times during the night to pee. I think it’s God’s way of giving us practice for when we have to wake up during the night to nurse. I think it helps us learn how to fall back asleep quickly. Or something like that…

I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time now. I guess that’s one of the things that makes me realize how close I am to the end. It really seems like the weeks are flying by at this point and I spend most of my day hoping that I have everything I need. And even more than that, I am trying to prepare myself emotionally for the task ahead.

I’m not afraid or nervous about what’s to come. I know I’ll do fine and I’m not worried about it at all. I do worry about everyone else though. I am still not dealing well with the extra attention and all the unwanted advice from strangers. I fear that it will only get worse after the baby arrives and I’ll have to go into seclusion. Still need to learn how to stand up my myself and stay straight on my own two feet. It comes easy for me with some people. And other people… not so much.

Today, I’m going to go shopping with my mom and grandmother again. I am going to get the cloth diapering system and also purchase a few nursing shirts to wear in public. I found this fantastic store called “Mother & Child” and they have sooo much stuff. It’s my new favorite store. I also have to help my mom with making the diaper cake, party favors, and centerpieces for the baby shower. Only 2 weeks till the baby shower! I’m anxiously watching my baby registries to see what people are picking up.

Well, I have lots to do today, so that’s all I have time for. I will try to post another belly pic at some point this week…

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Cloth Diapering

Posted on June 07, 2007

Cloth diapering – beautiful concept, confusing territory.

There are so many different options, styles, and brands. Fleece, wool, PUL, and cloth… Prefolds, flats, contours, and fitted cloth diapers… Then you have all the fancy abbreviations like “DSQ” and “AIO”… It can get pretty confusing!

Does anyone have any ideas, opinions, or thoughts on this subject?

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Belly – Week 33

Posted on June 07, 2007

Week 33

Baby’s Length: 12.25 to 19.5 in.

Baby’s Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Baby’s Size: iBook

I have been so busy lately. Yesterday, my mom bought us a crib. Dan had fun putting it all together. It looks so cute with the classic pooh bumpers and blankets inside.

My family has been great. They have been giving me all kinds of stuff like cloths, a boppy pillow, a breast pump, etc Plus my mom is throwing me a beautiful baby shower on June 23rd. And yes, I am getting to help plan the whole thing!!! So if there was any question as to whether I am a control freak, now you know…

The baby is still moving constantly and she doesn’t have an Olympic size swimming pool anymore… It’s getting to be more like a kiddy pool now and she is not liking it! She’s been head down for at least 90% of the time for the last week so I am getting kicked in the ribs A LOT!

I love being pregnant, but I am ready to have this baby.

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Moment With Mini

Posted on June 01, 2007

Mini has been a little frustrated with my growing tummy getting in the way of her naptime. Today, she finally found a way to work around it.

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Belly – Week 32

Posted on May 30, 2007

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Dear Diary

Posted on May 28, 2007

Week 32

Baby’s Length: 11.75 to 19 in.

Baby’s Weight: 4 lbs.

Baby’s Size: Ken Doll

Dear Diary,

I am getting a little sick and tired of the inaccurate “baby size” comparisons of I mean, c’mon! A Ken doll?

I’m a little frustrated with pregnancy this week. (Can you tell??)

I’m tired all the time. I don’t feel like getting up and moving around and when I finally do, the baby kicks me so hard in the bladder, I cry. Sometimes, I think she’s on a mission to kill my lady parts and render them unusable. Perhaps she doesn’t want siblings?

I feel fat and bloated and can’t stand how swollen my face looks. I’ve grown out of most of maternity clothes which absolutely disgusts me to no end. “Oh yes, but think of the prize you get in the end!” you can argue. But it just seems like there has to be a more humane way of having a child. Carrying it for 9 months in your abdomen seems almost barbaric. Our technology has progressed in so many other areas, yet we must still grow babies like animals. Seems so strange now that I think about it.

Sometimes I feel like a machine and that my only purpose right now is to grow this child. Sweet, yes, but still frustrating not having my body to myself. It’s already annoying to have to share it with my husband, but now a baby too?! I don’t like not belonging to myself anymore. I don’t remember agreeing to do this much sharing….

Don’t get my wrong, I love being pregnant. It’s an amazing thing! However, I can’t wait to get this kid out of me so that my body can go back to a somewhat normal state. I’m tired of looking (and feeling) like I could be a body double for the Pillsbury Doughboy.

I am also tired of eating for two. I feel like all I do is eat, eat, eat. Nothing tastes good to me and I can never satisfy my cravings. It’s like there is no restaurant in the world that has something on the menu that I want to eat. SO many choices, but I don’t really know what I want. I just know that what I want is never on the menu or in the grocery store. It’s like I live in the wrong country or something…

“So this is all totally normal,” I convince myself. My due date is more like a relief date. For some reason, I think I can handle the lack of sleep better than all these other… complaints.

Dear Diary,

I’m on week 32 now with less than 8 weeks to go. Seems like just yesterday I got pregnant! How time flies…

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Say “NO!” To Barbie

Posted on May 21, 2007

Week 31

Baby’s Length: 11.5 to 18 in.

Baby’s Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Baby’s Size: Barbie Doll

My mother swore up and down that there would never be a Barbie doll in our house. “They’re too sexy looking!” she told everyone. And the poor thing, she tried so hard to shelter me from even knowing what a Barbie doll was. That didn’t work out so well though…

When I was about 3 years old, my mom and dad brought me to the beach. We always went to the beach and I loved swimming. This time was different though… As I was happily playing with my buckets and little plastic shovel in the wet beach sand, making amateurish sandcastles, I noticed another little girl about my age, playing with a small doll in the water about 15 feet from me. She looked like she was having so much fun making the doll walk on the beach and swim in the ocean waves… I was mesmerized.

After watching her for about 10 minutes, she noticed I was staring at her. She smiled brightly and came over to me. “Do you want to play with my Barbie?” she asked me. Oh, did I ever! How different and special this new shaped doll seemed. I accepted the Barbie from her and she went back over to her where her parents were and got herself another toy to play with. I didn’t notice what it was though… I was too happy to be holding this fun, new toy!

I played with her Barbie on the beach for hours, making it dance and walk in the sand like she did. It’s hair was so soft and shiny and it was wearing such a cute little swimsuit. Why had I never seen one of these before?!

When the little girl was ready to go home with her parents, she came back over to me to fetch her beloved Barbie. I gently handed it back to her, regretfully, wishing that I could keep it for myself. She smiled and said goodbye to me and walked away with her parents. I turned to my mom and said, “I want one.” She looked disgruntled and said, “We’ll see.”

By the time I was 6 years old, I had collected over 60 Barbie dolls, had a suitcase full of their clothes, as well as the official Barbie swimming pool, the Barbie traveling van, and so much more. I even had a three story Barbie apartment building with an elevator. It took up 1/2 of one wall in my large bedroom. I had special plastic containers with labels on them to separate Barbie’s boots and shoes from her handbags and hats. I kept everything super organized, just like all my other toys. Barbie’s weren’t a hobby or another toy for me. They became an obsession.

I played with my Barbie dolls until I was about 11 years old. Then I packed them all up myself, into clear plastic containers. I made sure that each one was dressed in her Sunday best and that their hair was neatly brushed. Then I told my mom to put them away for me so I could give them all to my daughter someday. She did.

Now it’s my turn to be a mother and I can’t help but have a different idea. Although I loved my Barbie dolls very much, I can look back and see that encouraged my unhealthy obsession with fashion, clothes, glamor, and shopping.

I can only hope I can get my own daughter to her teenage years without her laying eyes on a Barbie doll… And if I can’t completely avoid Barbie dolls altogether, I at least hope that she doesn’t become obsessed with them like I did.

*long sigh*

I might be one of those naive mother’s that thinks they can somehow help prevent their child from turning into themselves. Just another musing from my little brain…

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